Old School Skin Care Tips That Work

There are so many new products and techniques coming out on a consistent basis with skin care.  It seems like every day we’re seeing or hearing about something new hitting the market and trends.  But sometimes, we’re drawn to looking back at some of the old school methods.  Old school methods seem to work in other areas of our lives, and still work – so we got to thinking about whether they’re still relevant with regards to our skin care.  Yep, we’re sharing old school skin care tips that work.  In case you were thinking about having a little throwback vibe into your skin care routine.

Using Sugar as an Exfoliator
By now, you’ve likely seen us talk about the importance of exfoliating your skin.  With so many different exfoliating products on the market it can be overwhelming to try to figure out where to start.  In our search for some of the old school skin care tips we found that ladies have been using sugar as a natural exfoliating product for quite some time.  And you know what?  It actually works wonders!  Making your own little at home exfoliating product using sugar has been found to work wonders on actually helping to exfoliate the skin, and chances are you have some sugar in your kitchen right now.

Visine for Breakouts
It always seems like we get breakouts at the most inconvenient time.  It turns out, ladies have been using a product like visine (an eye wash/drop that helps reduce redness in eyes) to reduce redness in a blemish or breakout.  Again, it WORKS!  All you have to do is simply apply a little bit of the eye wash/drop to the area you have redness and many find that it reduces redness in your skin pretty quickly.  So if you have a breakout that pops up the morning of a big event or occasion, turn to Visine to get yourself some relief with the redness.

tea bags

Using Tea for Under Eyes
Whether you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, or wake up with puffy eyes, we always want that instant relief.  Sure, there are some great products available to us now, but one of the old school methods that really does work is using tea bags on the eye area to get relief pretty quickly.  It turns out that the caffeine in tea helps to tighten and ease the puffiness in the under eye area.  Ladies have been using this method for years, and it’s because it really works.

Cold Water to Tighten Your Skin
We’re all after ways to tighten and tone our skin, and close our pores so they’re not being exposed to different elements and increasing our chances of having a breakout.  One of the old school methods we came across for this, is simply using cold water on the skin.  Either dunking the skin/face into a bowl of cold water or blasting some cold water before getting out of the shower – both options work to tighten, tone and close the pores of your skin really effectively.

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