Ordinary Activities That Cause Breakouts And Blemishes

Published: March 29, 2017

Breakouts and blemishes are irritating no matter how old you are, or when they come in. Typically, when we think of getting breakouts and blemishes we try to figure out why we got them in hopes to prevent it from happening in the future. But the truth is there are some ordinary activities that cause breakouts and blemishes… and you probably don’t even realize what they are. There are so many different things that can be the cause of breakouts and blemishes, but knowing and really being aware of some of these ordinary activities that can cause them can help you look at your skin and daily activities in a whole new light.

Using Your Phone
Gasp! Did you panic as much as we did here? Let’s face it: we’re all on our phones constantly throughout the day, never once realizing that it could be causing breakouts and blemishes. Using your phone can be a cause of this common skin care concern because of the bacteria that’s on our phone constantly. Think about it: you touch your phone, set it down places, and carry it with you everywhere. All of these things can lead to bacteria ending up on our beloved phones. Not to mention, when we talk on the phone we’re holding it up against our face transferring said bacteria. While we don’t expect you to stop using your phone (we’re certainly not going to stop anytime soon), one of the best things you can do to help make this a cleaner place for you and your skin is to actually clean your phone. Using an antibacterial wipe consistently is going to help keep your phone clean and your skin much happier.

Applying Makeup
Ok, before you think we’ve lost it we’re not expecting you not to wear makeup. However, it is important to know that makeup can be a cause of breakouts and blemishes. The first makeup culprit that can cause this skin frustration is using makeup that’s clogging your pores. If you do wear makeup, be sure to look for products that are non-comedogenic. That’s basically a fancy word for “won’t clog pores,” but when products aren’t formulated to be this way they can clog your pores and cause you to have breakouts and blemishes arise. In addition to using the right type of makeup products, not washing your brushes regularly can also be a root of cause. You use makeup brushes to apply makeup, and they touch your skin (your skin has oil and bacteria) so when we don’t wash them we’re continuing to apply that oil and bacteria to our skin…potentially causing breakouts. So in other words, make sure you’re washing your makeup brushes on a consistent basis.

Not Getting Enough Sleep
While we all enjoy sleeping, it’s rare for many of us to actually get enough sleep. You already know that not getting enough sleep decreases your energy level, but did you know it can also be causing you to have breakouts and blemishes? It’s because when we don’t get enough sleep our immune system suffers, due to the lack of rest our body’s getting. So if you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s time to start setting a bedtime for yourself and actually sticking to it.

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