Play It Safe During Blackhead Removal

Published: June 2, 2017

You know the struggle… blackheads. We’ve all got them, dealt with them, and tried to fight them. There are so many fancy gadgets and gizmos hitting the market that claim to get rid of blackheads safely. The problem with a lot of these gadgets is they can be a bit harsh on the skin. While blackheads are often a bit tricky to get rid of, that doesn’t mean you should scrub or be too harsh on your skin in order to get rid of them. It’s time to make sure you play it safe during blackhead removal, here’s how you can do that…

Use the Right Type of Cleanser
Using a cleanser isn’t going to get rid of blackheads overnight, but many skin care experts suggest that using the right type of cleanser can help in a much more gentle way to remove blackheads. Plus, using the right type of cleanser can help prevent more blackheads from popping up in the future. Sounds like a win, right? Most experts suggest to look for cleansing products that list salicylic acid as an active ingredient. Salicylic acid helps to gently remove oil and dirt buildup from the skin, without being too harsh or drying to the skin.

Apply Additional Acid to the Skin
Blackheads are formed because oil buildup in the skin essentially becomes stuck, and forms the blackhead. This isn’t something you want to be harsh in removing as it can cause additional damage to your skin, another gentle way to help remove those stubborn blackheads is to use additional treatment products that contain salicylic acid. Some experts suggest using wipe/pad type products, as they tend to be gentle on the skin but also help to give the skin the ingredients that break up a lot of the oil that produces blackheads.

Woman applying white mask

Use an Oil-Absorbing Mask
Face masks are such a powerful step in any skin care routine. Using a face mask should be a part of your typical skin care routine, but when you’re trying to safely remove blackheads it’s suggested to use a face mask that’s clay based. Clay masks have been found to help, safely, absorb excess oil in the skin. Since blackheads are essential the buildup of too much oil the skin this type of mask can really be beneficial to helping the removal of blackheads. Get into the habit of using a clay mask 1-2 times per week consistently to help remove blackheads, as well as prevent them from forming in the future.

Make Sure You’re Getting a Deep Cleanse
We mentioned the importance of using the right type of cleansing product, but you also want to be sure that you’re getting a deep cleanse in your skin. Oil buildup that causes blackheads can be tricky to really remove and fully cleanse. Take your time cleansing your skin on a daily basis, don’t rush the process so you’re sure to thoroughly cleanse the skin. If you feel like you’re not quite getting a deep enough cleanse, some suggest enlisting the help of a cleansing brush.

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