Prepping Oily Skin For Make Up

Published: June 14, 2017

Achieving a flawless finish in your makeup application is something every woman strives for-right? We sure do! Watching countless makeup tutorials, reading different tips and tricks can help but when you have oily skin those particular methods don’t necessarily cater to you. Just like we often discuss the importance of using skin care products that are formulated to work with your skin type, prepping your skin before applying your makeup (according to your skin type) can play a huge part in how your makeup looks. We have some great tips for prepping oily skin for makeup that every oily skin, makeup wearer should be incorporating into their daily routine.

Exfoliate Regularly
You probably didn’t think we would be talking about skin care practices in regards to makeup, did you? The truth is your makeup can only go on as great as the skin is underneath. That being said, sticking to a consistent exfoliating routine for your oily skin is essential. Exfoliating regularly helps to eliminate a lot of excess oil/dirt/grim from the skin’s surface and also removes dead skin cells. In other words, exfoliating your skin helps to create a much smoother and cleaner surface to apply your makeup to. For best results, experts suggest exfoliating the skin 1-2 times a week to keep your skin balanced and refreshed all the time.

Apply a Great Moisturizer
So many oily skin ladies tend to be afraid to apply moisturizer to their skin, in fear that it will cause their skin to produce more oil. But you know what? Moisture is different than oil. In fact, when your skin doesn’t have enough moisture it begins to produce more oil. Apply a great quality moisturizer to your skin after you cleanse to give you skin that dose of moisture. This also helps your skin to be much softer and smoother, giving you a much better surface to work with when applying the makeup. Basically what we’re saying here is DON’T skip the moisturizing step in your routine, if you want better makeup application you need to apply moisturizer. Additionally, don’t rush the process when applying your makeup right after your moisturizer. Give your skin a chance to fully absorb the skin care products you applied before applying any makeup.

Use a Primer
Another prepping step we find is commonly skipped by oily skin individuals, but it’s so necessary! Here’s the deal, priming products help to create a smooth surface on your skin. When you have a smooth skin surface your makeup will go on much smoother. See why it’s important? The key is to choose a primer that’s going to cater to your skin type. You don’t want anything that’s too oily as that can have a reverse effect on your skin type. Choose a primer that’s going to work with your skin type, and help create more balance. Apply this after your moisturizer, and give this time to soak up into your skin before you jump into applying any of your other makeup products.

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