Processed Sugar Breaks Down Collagen And Ages Skin

Published: April 24, 2017

Sugar has been getting quite a bit of press lately. While many of us enjoy some sugary treats and likely consume a pretty decent amount of sugar in our diet, the press around sugar hasn’t exactly been positive press. As it turns out, processed sugar breaks down collagen and ages skin. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but experts are continuing to find that there’s a direct correlation between sugar and the aging process of our skin.

While you may enjoy some foods that consist of processed sugar, you may want to rethink just how often you’re consuming them. So what is it about sugar that’s causing the breakdown of collagen and aging skin to result? Inflammation is the major culprit on this matter. Unfortunately, processed sugar has been found to cause inflammation to arise in the body. Doesn’t sound to0 great, does it? The inflammation that’s caused in your body/skin when consuming sugar has been directly linked to breaking down collagen as well as aging skin.

Chances are you’ve heard quite a few health, wellness and skin care experts stressing the importance of cutting back (or out completely) on processed sugar for this very reason. In addition to sugar causing inflammation in the body to occur, many experts in the skin care world have found that sugar has an impact on our immune system as well as our body’s natural ability to create collagen in our skin. In other words, sugar puts our system in a bit of a downward spiral and causing a negative effect on our bodies natural protection and building mechanisms. Who knew, right?

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Knowing all of this, it brings it back around to the result of processed sugar breaking down collagen and aging skin. Since most of us are heavily concerned on our skin showing signs of aging, it’s no surprise that experts are stressing the importance of cutting back on your sugar intake for your skin’s health. Collagen is what really helps our skin to maintain its youthful appearance and be wrinkle-free, since sugar has been found to break collagen levels down it’s resulting in showing signs of aging in the skin to occur at a faster pace than many of us would really like it to.

So what can you do? To put it simply, cut back or cut out processed sugar of your diet. Ok, we know  that’s not so simple but truly if you want to avoid the negative side of processed sugar and maintain collagen production in your skin to keep your youthful appearance that’s going to be a necessary step. Many people are doing a trial period of a couple of weeks without sugar to see if they notice any results before really committing to going completely sugar free. However, many skeptics are reporting that they’re noticing a huge shift in their skin’s appearance and even notice lines/wrinkles becoming less noticeable even in just a short amount of time being sugar free.

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