Protecting Your Face from the Sun

Published: August 5, 2016

We continue to hear about the importance of protecting our skin from the sun.  You’ve likely (hopefully) been better about applying sun protection products to your skin on a more regular basis.  But one area that many people forget about protecting is the skin on their face.  We get used to applying sunscreen to our arms and legs and such, but forget that our face is made up of very delicate skin that needs major protection as well.  In fact, the skin on our face is said to be much more delicate and sensitive than the skin on the rest of our bodies.  We’re sharing some of the best ways to protect your face from the sun aside from just applying sunscreen.

Consider Your Makeup
While it’s advised to apply a moisturizer to your face daily that consists of SPF, it’s also really great to look for makeup products that also contain SPF.  There are a ton of makeup brands and products that have begun to add SPF to their foundation and powder products.  It’s a great, easy way to get some additional protection on your face.  It’s likely that you’re applying makeup before heading out for the day anyways so you might as well apply makeup that’s giving your skin the additional sun protection it’s craving.

Wear Hats
Our facial area is said to be a highly forgotten area when it comes to sun protection.  Wearing a hat is a really great, and easy, way to protect your face from the sun.  We often don’t realize how much our face could be getting damaged from the sun until we get burned.  Adding a layer with a hat to add some shade is a fool-proof way to get some protection and you do not have to worry too much about the sun affecting the skin on your face.

Woman wearing sunglasses

Wear Sunglasses
Similar to hats, sunglasses are another easy way to get sun protection to your face.  One area of the face that people rarely think of in terms of sun protection is the eyes.  Our eyes can get damaged from the sun, so wearing sunglasses is a really important way to protect them from that potential damage.  Of course, it’s advised to wear sunglasses that are made to help protect your eyes from the sun’s rays – get yourself some great sunnies to protect your eyes!

Continue Reapplying  
If you’re outside quite a bit in the sun, remember that you don’t just get to apply sun protection products once and be good to go all day long.  You need to continue reapplying sunscreen products and making sure that you’re protected well all day long.  Luckily, there are even some powder SPF products available now that make reapplying SPF to your face easy and you get to avoid streaks or dealing with creams messing up any makeup you’ve applied.

If you’re planning to be outside during the hours the sun is out, make sure you’re not forgetting about protecting your face.  You’ll thank us later in life!

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