Rain, Humidity and Your Skin

Published: August 8, 2016

There are so many factors that can affect our skin, honestly probably more than a lot of us realize on a daily basis.  We know that the winter time tends to leave our skin feeling a little more dry than normal, but have you ever noticed the effects rain and humidity has on your skin’s state?  You may not realize its weather related but we’ve discovered some potential skin issues and conditions that can arise from rain and humidity.  We’re breaking them down so you can be fully informed from now on!

Rainy Weather and Your Skin 
One of the biggest skin issues that can arise during rainy weather is the spread of infection.  Fungal infections are known to be the most common and have been found to spread pretty quickly during rainy weather, because of all the moisture that’s in the air.  Experts have said that during rainy weather times, our skin naturally rubs together and holds onto moisture and sweat a lot more than in drier weather conditions which is where fungal infections can come into play.  The rise in skin allergies, allergies in general, and eczema conditions can also become inflamed when there’s a lot of rainy weather.  It’s suggested to try to keep your skin as dry as possible, especially if you’re prone to these types of skin conditions.  Also, wearing clothes that are more breathable is going to be huge for this weather condition.  Instead of wearing fabrics like leather or a lot of synthetic type fibers, opt for more cotton as it allows your skin to breathe (this goes for undergarments as well!).  Of course, keep up with your normal skin care and try to stay in cooler, drier spaces if you’re prone to these skin conditions.

Humid Weather and Your Skin 
Similar to rainy weather, humidity tends to create a lot of moisture on the skin and cause issues that way.  Similar conditions are common, like infections and even rashes.  Because our skin can get so moist and creates more oil production, it can bring about these types of skin conditions.  The infections and rashes are something you don’t want to mess with when it comes to your skin as they can spread and cause problems down the road.  Just like with the rainy weather, experts suggest keeping your skin as dry as possible in the humid weather.  If you find yourself sweating or producing a lot of oil throughout the day find ways to dry your skin either with towels, or getting in a cooler drier atmosphere.  Of course, because there’s an increase in oil secretion there’s a higher probability of breakouts as well.

Whether you’re in rainy or humid (or both) types of climates the key is really keeping your skin as dry as possible, wearing breathable clothing and really being aware of what your skin is doing in this type of climate.  If you live in an environment where these climate conditions are common, pay attention to how your skin is reacting and adjust accordingly to prevent any skin issues from arising.

Have you experienced rainy and/or humidity causing problems with your skin?

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