Rebalance Your Skin Before Fall

Published: September 8, 2017

Summer is coming to a close, which means fall is on its way. It’s always a little hard to say goodbye to the long warm summer days but welcoming a new season is refreshing, we must admit. You may have noticed that as we transition from summer to fall our skin begins to act a bit differently, it’s in large part due to the change in climate. The weather becomes cooler and much drier in the fall, compared the warm humidity we experience during the summer. Naturally, our skin has different needs because of the different elements. To keep your skin looking it’s best throughout this weather transition we suggest you take some steps to rebalance your skin before fall-don’t worry we’re going to share how!

Use a Moisturizing Cleanser
Cleansing your skin is essential regardless of the time of year, but as the weather changes your skin is going to have different needs from a cleansing product. Hopefully you were using a lightweight cleansing product during the summer, but as the weather changes that same lightweight cleanser can feel a bit drying in the fall. To rebalance your skin before fall you’re going to want to swap out your cleansing for something that’s soothing but also more moisturizing. This will help you to keep your skin well moisturized as the climate becomes much drier.

Step Up Your Moisturizer
Similar to why you should be swapping out your cleansing product, you want to do the same thing for your moisturizing product. So many of us tend to experience a lot of dryness during this seasonal transition, which is why stepping up your moisturizer is so important. Starting to transition your moisturizer now will help you to re-balance your skin BEFORE fall so that you can hopefully avoid a lot of the common skin struggles we experience during the seasonal change. The key of course is to ensure that the moisturizer that you swap to is still accommodating to your skin type. However, as the weather is dry your skin can handle a moisturizer that’s a bit thicker this time of year and will really need something heavier.

Add Hydrating Masks Into Your Routine
Face masks have been everywhere lately, but we’re not mad about it! Face masks have always been something we’ve been fans of because they provide you with the opportunity to obtain concentrated benefits to target any particular skin concerns you may have. This is why we suggest you add in a hydrating face mask to re-balance your skin before fall. As we’ve mentioned above hydration and moisturizing need to be a focus this time of year, doing a hydrating face mask once a week is going to be incredibly beneficial to your skin for that reason. Being consistent with this type of face mask is going to help you avoid a lot of the struggles we experience, but also provide your skin with the essential hydration it needs to be healthy.

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