Reducing Your Skins Stress Levels

Published: June 12, 2017

Stress is something that most of us deal with on a daily basis. We live in a world where stress has really become the norm. As much as stress is a common factor of today’s world, it’s not great for our health OR our skin. We hate to be the barriers of bad news, but it’s just the facts of life. If you’ve ever experienced times in your life where stress levels were at an all-time high you probably noticed a change in your skin’s appearance. So what should you do? We’ve discovered some tips on reducing your skin’s stress levels to help you calm the stress and relieve your skin.

Get More Rest
We know, we know getting more sleep sounds a whole lot easier than it actually is to achieve. But the truth is, when our skin is stressed (and we’re stressed) we NEED more shut eye time. Sleep isn’t just something that helps us feel more rested, it helps our bodies to heal itself much better. Stressed out skin is likely skin that hasn’t gotten enough rest. Getting more rest is an essential step in helping your stressed out skin feel more relaxed and have a chance to truly repair itself to getting back to its normal state.

Eliminate The Toxins
Skin stress can be the cause of so many different things, whether it’s because you’re just really stressed or because of external factors, stress wreaks havoc on the body. Experts suggest a great way to help reduce the stress levels in your skin is to clean up your diet and eliminate the toxins from your body. Our bodies, and skin, are exposed to so many different toxins and pollutants on a daily basis-all of which can cause a lot of additional stress to our skin. Setting the restart button on your diet can help eliminate a lot of those toxins from your body and give your skin some relief. Cutting out processed foods and sugar are great places to start. Drink as much water and eat as many fruits, veggies and lean proteins as possible for a set amount of time to give your body that recharge.

Book a Facial Appointment
Getting yourself in to see a skin care expert can be a game changer in reducing the stress levels in your skin. Not only is going to the spa for a facial treatment relaxing for your state of mind, but it’s also a great relaxation process for your skin. Talk to your facialist about your skin and the stressed out state it’s currently in to determine the best type of facial treatment for you. Getting a soothing facial can help you get a refreshed skin surface, mindset and get that glow back!

We can’t forget to mention the importance of using the right skin care products, especially when your skin is stressed out. Be sure that the skin care products you’re using aren’t causing additional stress to your skin, adjust as needed to ensure smooth sailing with your daily regimen.

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