Rules For Piercing And After Care

Published: August 18, 2017

Piercings have long been a form of self-expression. Different areas of piercings have been trends and held different meanings. All in all, we think that piercings are a great way to show your individuality. If you’ve been thinking about getting a piercing(s) to change up your look a bit you’re in the right place. We’ve done a bit of research on your behalf to give you some solid information to work with. In our search, we found some of the best rules for piercing and after care to help you make a solid decision that you’re happy with after you’ve made the decision.

Choose Placement According to YOU
Piercing trends come and go, just like any other trend, which is why when considering getting a piercing it’s important that you choose placement for yourself first. Similarly, we may see a piercing placement on someone else and really love the way it looks but remembering that you’re a different person and you don’t look exactly like that other person is going to help you choose your placement much more openly. Being a bit open, and choosing an expert to do your piercing to have an open conversation with is going to help you have a much more positive outcome. Remember that piercings are a great way to show your individuality, so keep that in mind when choosing where to have your piercing placed. There really is no right or wrong-just what’s best suited for you!

Don’t DIY Your Piercing
This may seem obvious (or not) but to ensure that you’re happy with your piercing outcome, it’s advised to head over to an expert to do your piercing. As tempting as it may be to do in the comfort of your own home (and watch a few how-to videos) going to an expert is essential. Experts are able to provide a more sterile experience, and provide you with any assistance you may need in choosing the placement that’s best suited for you. Additionally, they have plenty of experience in piercings so they’re often able to help reduce a lot of the pain and tell you what to expect from the experience. In our opinion, heading to an expert also helps you to enjoy the experience because getting a piercing really is an experience to enjoy!

Caring For Your Piercing is a Non-negotiable
The after care practices you maintain can make the world of a difference for your piercing. When you don’t take proper care of your piercing after the fact it can lead to infection and other issues. Most piercing experts suggest keeping the products minimal afterwards, soap and water is really all you need to keep the area clean and free of infection. In addition to keeping your new piercing clean, make sure that you’re cautious about any pressure or irritating habits that may cause the piercing to feel uneasy. Sleeping tends to be where people become irritated, being aware of the piercing and doing anything that may put pressure on the area is going to help ease the irritation quite a bit.

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