Sandbagging Reduces Facial Oil

Published: April 20, 2016

Sandbagging is the latest makeup trick sweeping the world of makeup addicts everywhere.  Before you think ‘oh, no not another makeup crazy,’ hold up because the benefits of this makeup technique are incredible and you’re going to want to give it a try.  While when you hear the word ‘sandbagging’ you probably don’t think of makeup, it’s a makeup trick that’s been used by celebrity makeup artists for a long time.  And if Kim Kardashian uses this method – you know it’s good.  Ok, so you know how people use sandbags to prevent water from going past a certain point?  Bingo!  That’s exactly why the name of this technique is sandbagging.  It literally prevents your makeup from running past the area you apply the sandbagging technique.  Before you get confused, we’re going to break down a few simple steps to this technique.

Get the Right Supplies
The great thing about this technique is you probably have everything needed already in your makeup bag.  All you need is a loose powder, straight edged sponge, and a powder brush.  Yep, that’s it!  Don’t worry – just because this technique doesn’t require a lot of tools doesn’t mean it holds back on delivering major results.

The Process
While many of us feel like we couldn’t ever duplicate the Kardashian’s makeup but this technique really is quite simple.  After you’ve applied your foundation and/or concealer pick up a large amount of loose powder with the sponge and dab the powder under your eye.  The key is getting as close to your eye as possible, you can even dab the powder on the area around your lower lips.  Let the powder set for a few minutes.  You can continue with your eye makeup or do your hair, just let the powder sit for a bit.  Once you’ve let the powder set, you simply use a fluffy brush to sweep away the powder.  And you’re done!  Yep, it’s that simple.

The Benefits
An incredible benefit from the sandbagging technique is allowing the powder to set on your skin will absorb any excess oil on your skin.  So, if you feel you get shiny throughout the day from oily skin, this technique is perfect to prevent that from happening.  Additionally, the technique will help prevent your makeup from running or smudging AND because of the loose powder under your eyes it will create a natural highlighting effect.  Talk about major benefits, right?

It’s safe to say that the sandbagging makeup technique is one that’s simple to do, but has incredible benefits.  Who would have thought applying loose powder to different areas of your skin could help with reducing facial oil?  It’s a trick that’s been used by celebrity makeup artists, but thanks to YouTube and social media the rest of us are now able to put this trick to use.  Because we want to prevent oily skin, too!

So what do you think of this makeup technique?  Will you give it a try, or skip it for now?

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