Selfie Induced Squinting

Published: July 15, 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, selfies are a major thing in our world…especially on social media.  The world selfie has even been added to the Oxford Dictionary!  Needless to say, there’s no getting around the fact that selfies are everywhere.  More recently in the selfie world, there’s been a squinting craze within taking selfies.  Some are saying it’s like the modern day ‘smize’ made famous from Tyra Banks.  Whatever it is, some skin experts have found that there could be wrinkles down the line for those who are participating in the selfie squinting.  We always hear about no scrunching your forehead to avoid wrinkles, but what about all the squinting from the selfies?

Well, the fact of the matter is whenever we do something repeatedly, it can cause us to have wrinkles in those areas down the line.  The selfie squint is no different!  The rise in awareness of the selfie-induced squinting is causing a stir also because there’s been a lot of studies and facts coming out about the fact that when we all stare at our phones as often as we do it can also cause some problems for us.  While we may not realize it even when we’re not squinting for a selfie, we may be squinting when we look at our phone screen in general.  We don’t always realize when we’re doing it, probably because we do it so often!

The rise in awareness with wrinkles induced by selfie squinting has become so popular that some companies are even creating eye creams and skin care products specifically made to help with it!  You know when companies are creating products specific to that, it’s becoming more and more of a thing.  Because our eye area is so sensitive, and more likely prone to wrinkles than other areas of our skin, it makes sense that people are discovering a link between the constant squinting resulting in wrinkles.

Like we said, in general, there’s been a lot of chatter around what a lot of time on your phone is doing to your skin.  It’s really important to make sure that we realize how using our phone, taking selfies, etc. can impact our skin in a negative way down the line.  Because the increase in cell phone use came rather quickly, we don’t fully know the impacts it can have on us and our skin.  However, taking precautions now and making sure we’re taking care of our skin in the best way possible will help us be able to be as proactive as possible.  While we’re all about getting the perfect selfie – we also think you look great without that squinting!  Sure once in a while won’t impact your skin too much, but if you find yourself doing the selfie squint often try to stop yourself to eliminate getting those pesky wrinkles  later in life.

If you’re a selfie squinter, will you start to think twice about squinting?

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