Signs That Your Skin Craves Intense Hydration

Published: July 26, 2017

This time of year, it’s not unusual to hear about people suffering from dehydration. As temperatures rise, it’s common for many of us to be on the lookout for signs of dehydration. While that’s one way we can become dehydrated our skin can become dehydrated as well. If you’ve followed along with us for a while, you know we often discuss the importance of maintaining hydration in your skin. We realize that we talk about the importance of keeping your skin hydrated, but you may not be familiar with signs that your skin craves intense hydration. So to keep you in the know, we’re sharing some of the most common signs your skin is lacking hydration.

Your Skin is Itchy
If you’ve ever experienced itchiness in your skin out of the blue, it’s often a common sign that your skin is lacking enough hydration. While allergies can be a reason, if you don’t experience skin allergies but do have skin that’s itchy after you’ve spent some time outdoors or in different environments that directly points to a lack of hydration. Different climates and elements our skin is exposed to can take a lot of the natural hydration/moisture right out of our skin. One of the best things to do in this situation is apply an oil based skin care product into the skin. Oil based products tend to absorb much more quickly into the skin, giving you a lot of great hydration quicker.

Your Skin is Looking Dull
Another common sign your skin is craving intense hydration is if you’ve noticed that your skin is, overall, appearing quite dull. Your skin should have a natural glow to it, but when you begin to notice a lackluster appearance, it’s often related to dehydration in the skin. Meaning your skin is craving some intense moisture at this point. Many experts suggest exfoliating more regularly if you notice a dull appearance in your skin, since exfoliating helps to treat the surface of your skin. Additionally, adding a hydration boosting serum to your skin care routine can help lock in more hydration to the skin and give that dullness a boost in the glowing direction.

Your Skin is More Sensitive
Between dullness and itchiness you’d think those are enough signs of dehydration in the skin, but experiencing an increase in sensitivity in your skin is another incredibly common sign your skin is craving more hydration. Our skin can become much more sensitive when it’s lacking hydration because your skin is lacking an essential need: hydration. Not sure what we mean by an increase in sensitivity? If you feel like your skin is becoming irritated more often or feels more sensitive to things you weren’t in the past-those are major signs of an increase of sensitivity of the skin. Similar to the itchiness, it’s suggested to add an oil type of skin care product into your routine. Oils are great because of their ability to be absorbed so quickly. You’ll also want to consider switching to products that are overall much more nourishing.

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