Skin Brightening Tips

Published: June 8, 2016

All around the world women have the deep desire for flawless, bright skin.  Although many of us want bright, radiant skin we don’t always know how to achieve it.  Which is why we’re sharing some of our favorite skin brightening tips to help get you started in your radiant skin journey.

Clean Up Your Diet
When we eat too much ‘junk’ food it tends to show in our skin.  Try switching your diet to include more fruits, veggies, and large amounts of water.  It will help give your skin that natural glow and a burst of radiance.  What we eat comes out in our skin!  Sure it’s fine to have a cheat day every now and then but try to avoid too many processed foods, sugar, and greasy foods to keep your skin on track.

A lot of times when our skin looks and feels dull it’s because it’s lacking moisture.  Amp up your moisturizing routine, don’t skip this step!  Having skin that’s highly moisturized will help make sure it has that natural glow.  If you’re using a moisturizer but feel like it’s not doing the trick, try switching the product.  Sometimes our skin gets used to products and they don’t work as well over time.  Switching things up can make a huge difference.

Woman applying a facial mask

Use a Mask
Exfoliating is important, but if you’re working on creating skin that’s brighter in appearance it’s important to find a mask that’s designed to achieve exactly that.  It’s important to not only use a product that exfoliates to get rid of any dead skin cells, but also something that will give you that extra radiance you’re looking for.

While those are some of our skin brightening tips, we couldn’t go through without the skin whitening treatments that are very popular in Japanese culture.  Many of us know that in Japan and other Asian cultures there’s a high desire to have very fair, white skin.  With that desire so strong, many women have taken to going through specific skin whitening treatments to get their skin as white as possible.  While treatments and products in skin whitening range from essentially bleaching the skin to at-home remedies that are less severe, there’s something for everyone depending on how drastic they want to take their skin whitening.  There are many at-home treatments that are said to help brighten and whiten the skin like yogurt masks, milk masks, and even using rice as a part of your skin care routine.  Regardless, if you’re interested in whitening your skin it’s really important that you do research and make sure you’re comfortable with whichever route you take.  Since many of the more drastic treatments can be permanent it’s something you want to make sure you’re certain about.

It’s always fun and interesting to learn how other cultures idolize beauty and what they’re goals are.  While in the United States, we have a deep desire to have skin that’s glowy and bronze, Japanese culture calls for fair, white and flawless skin.

Do you have any favorite skin brightening tips?

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