Skin Care History: The 80’s

Published: June 21, 2015

During the 80’s, skin care was beginning to be a big deal. Women were starting to really take control of their appearance, and wanting to find better ways than years prior to manage their fine lines, wrinkles, and restore their youthful appearance in ways they had never really had access to in year’s prior. Not only was anti-aging beginning to become an important aspect of women’s lives, but so was maintaining an even, healthy complexion, and caring for the skin on a daily basis.

Lionesse would like to highlight some of the things women would do during the 80’s for their skin care – and tell you about the methods used to achieve their desired results. We will be focusing on the main or core components of skin care, such as cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing, since these were the most popular or prevalent methods to maintaining a skin care regimen during this time.

Woman cleansing her face with a cleansing wipe.

Women began getting more into cleansing their skin during the 80’s than ever before. Though that had always seemed to be a vital part of maintaining beautiful skin in America, and women had been cleansing their skin for hundreds and thousands of years worldwide, it took a new turn when new technology emerged, bringing with it the idea that cleansing your skin was an important aspect of acne free skin and proper facial care.

Woman exfoliating her skin with a homemade scrub.

Exfoliating the skin was a vital component to maintaining the skin. Exfoliation removes the dead skin from the face and body, leaving behind soft, fresh skin. During the 80’s, women seemed to be more intricately focused on body exfoliation rather than facial exfoliation, until the emergence of Alpha Hydroxy Acid containing facial peels within dermatology offices. At that time, this was new technology – whereas today, it’s commonplace in skin care lines and dermatology offices worldwide. Most exfoliation methods of that time, aside from physical induced skin peels, were rough scrub methods, which would actually leave the skin damaged and torn. Since that was the only method women really knew of during this time, it was just a normal ‘side effect’ of the process. How times have changed.

Woman moisturizing her skin.

For many years before the 80’s, putting a cream on your face to go on about your day was something many women did. During the 80’s, however, new advances in skin care brought about a surplus of products from companies which were determined to change the way women did skin care. Moisturizing the skin became a bigger deal than ever before, although it was nothing quite like it is today thanks to technology. Normally, a woman would apply a skin cream before bed, or in the morning. Nowadays, we moisturize our faces twice per day using different products, whereas women then had one go-to product which was used only once per day. Now, we have night creams loaded with Retinols to repair skin and plump the skin, and AHA containing products which we can buy over the counter and don’t need to see a dermatologist for.

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