Skin Conditions That Could Signal Something Serious

Published: April 19, 2017

Our skin is a pretty remarkable organ. It is the largest organ in our body, after all. But aside from being an organ, our skin can really be an indicator of other things that are going on in our health. Experts have really started to emphasize on the skin showing internal health struggles or concerns more and more in recent years. There are some skin conditions that could signal something serious. Since there is a lot more information on these skin condition signals, we’re sharing some of them with you to keep your eyes open moving forward.

Dry, Itchy Rashes
It’s not uncommon to have spurts of dryness in your skin, and maybe even a bit of itchiness every now and then. However, if you notice that there’s an extended period of time where you have an area (or areas) of skin that are dry and itchy in a rash-like state, it could be a signal of something more serious. Often times these dry, itchy rashes that maintain their appearance are linked back to eczema. While eczema isn’t a severe skin condition it’s something you will want to look into a bit further to get relieve and maintain your skin’s health.

Swollen and Red Itchy Patches
Not to be mistaken for eczema, there’s another skin condition that can look a bit similar but with some differences. If you begin noticing that your skin is developing patches of redness that’s blotchy and on the swollen sign-it’s likely that you’re experiencing hives. Developing hives on your skin is definitely something you’re going to want to treat. Often, hives are found to be a result of an allergic reaction that’s occurring in the body. Anything from food to medicine to environmental allergies can give result in hives in the skin.

Red Inflammation
Another skin condition that shouldn’t be confused with what’s been mentioned above, while similar there are also differences here. Experiencing red inflammation in the skin, that has an almost crusty appearance is a definite indication of something more serious going on. In this type of situation, it’s said that this is a major sign of a bacterial infection in the skin. In general, these types of bacterial infections in the skin are pretty contagious and it’s crucial to make sure you seek medical attention to get it treated before spreading it further.

Rash Turning into Blotches
It’s not uncommon for us to get rashes or have a little skin irritation every once in a while if our skin is exposed to something that doesn’t agree with us. However, there is a skin condition that starts off as a regular rash but has a tendency of turning into something much more serious. Experiencing a rash that turns into larger areas of the skin that become blotchy and red (sometimes even purple) it could be a sign of meningitis. Meningitis is not something you want to wait around for, and if you have any worry that this may be something you’re experiencing seek medical attention immediately.

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