Skin Crisis Averted

Skin Crisis Averted

Look, we’re just like anyone else…we’ve dealt with skin crisis’ in the WORST possible timing. It seems like just when you get your skin on track it comes into crisis mode when you need it to behave the most. Ah, the struggles of keeping up with your skin, right?  While we get it’s entirely too frustrating and sometimes these things just happen no matter how great you are at using quality skin care products, we want to help you to be better prepared for when/if it happens again.  So we’re sharing some common skin care problems and their remedies so you can say…skin crisis AVERTED!

Probably the most common skin crisis culprit, acne breakouts.  Doesn’t it always seem that a pimple will take residence at the most inconvenient time (and in the worst place possible)?  Well before you freak out next time that happens, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve that we’ve discovered works wonders on pimples.  While of course we want to make sure that you’re using quality skin care products and on a great skin care routine, these things do happen sometimes because you’re a human being!  Word on the street is aspirin is the secret to zapping a pesky pimple QUICKLY!  Not sure what we mean?  If you have an important event or a pimple pops up at the worst time, some beauty experts actually suggest using gel aspirin mixed with a couple drops of water and honey to create a paste like substance.  Apply the aspirin mixture onto your pimple for at least 10 minutes and it’s said to bring the redness and size of the pimple down QUICKLY!

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Under Eye Puffiness
You’ve likely experienced a time where you didn’t get enough sleep leading up to a big event or activity that you wanted to look your best for, and let’s be honest nothing screams “I didn’t get enough sleep!” like under eye puffiness.  If that happens to you again, we’ve got a solution!  One of the most trusted solutions for under eye puffiness is applying tea bags and/or coffee grounds to the eye area.  The caffeine that’s in these two items is said to help give your skin a boost and become a bit tighter, eliminating the bags under the eyes.  Simple enough right?  So basically, just like you may need an extra boost of caffeine if you didn’t get enough shut eye – your skin is going to need its own caffeine serving.

Rosacea Breakout
If you suffer from rosacea, you know breakouts tend to happen at the worst possible timing, even if you’re under special treatment.  It’s suggested that if you have a rosacea breakout and need a quick solution to avert the crisis, you’re going to need to SOOTHE the breakout.  Applying some sort of soothing mask, like a natural option made with oatmeal or even utilizing something with aloe vera in it can be incredibly helpful for calming the skin down.  While you may not get rid of the breakout altogether, it can definitely help minimize the appearance of it.

Have you ever had a skin crisis averted?  What did you do?

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