Skin Care Products That Are Worth The Splurge

The skin care world is constantly changing and evolving and we have access to more products at different price points than ever before. If we’re honest, it’s a pro and a con to have so many options. We know that so many individuals struggle determining which products in their skin care routine are really the most important to splurge on. While of course, we’re all about ensuring that all of the skin care products you use are high quality–there are a few specific skincare products that are worth the splurge. Naturally, we’re sharing what products you should really focus on when you’re considering what to splurge on vs. what to save.

It’s not a secret that your skin needs moisture, it literally craves it. And in order to have healthy skin, we need to make sure that our skin is well moisturized… by applying a great moisturizing product on a consistent basis. Many experts suggest that one of the key products that are worth the splurge is a moisturizing product. One of the things that’s been found with moisturizers is they’re most definitely not all created equally, in fact some moisturizing products have been found to clog pores and add oil to the surface of the skin. Both of these factors play a major factor in why many experts suggest it’s important to splurge on a high-quality moisturizing product to use in your skin care routine. The splurge-worthy moisturizers are typically designed to NOT clog pores and be much more effective in adding moisture to the skin. In addition, with the splurge moisturizers you’re often going to get a product that’s much purer, and filled with no (or much less) fillers.


Treatment products like serums are definitely those skin care products that are worth the splurge. Since these types of products are best when they’re highly concentrated, it’s a must in your skin care collection for splurging. In fact, many have found that when they try to save on serums they end up using a lot more product because they’re not as concentrated–so is it REALLY saving at that point? Additionally, many experts in the skin care world are big on making sure that the serums you use are of high, pure ingredients to really help you make the most out of your efforts in applying them. That being said, it’s best to splurge–most serums that are splurge items are going to be really strategic and specific about what ingredients they use in their products.

Exfoliating the skin is essential to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Unfortunately, much like the other products we mentioned above, not all exfoliators are created equally. In fact, many experts have found and suggested that many exfoliators can be very harsh on the skin–even causing tears in the skin because of their harshness. This is why exfoliating products are suggested to splurge on, splurging on an exfoliating product can often help you avoid this as many of those types of exfoliating products have been tried and tested to make sure they don’t do that to the user’s skin.

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