Skincare Tips To Live By This Summer

Published: May 1, 2017

The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising and the sun’s starting to make its presence known more. All that mean one thing…summer is just around the corner! The winter season tends to be synonymous with dry, grey weather and often has that impact on our skin. As we shift into the summer season, the climate is going to have a totally different effect on our skin. Adjusting your skin care with the seasons is something that many experts stress is essential to maintaining healthy, glowing skin all year round. Before you worry about adjusting your skin care routine, we drummed up the skincare tips to live by this summer to keep you informed.

Exfoliate All of Your Skin
Whether you’re in the routine of exfoliating your skin regularly, or not, it’s something you want to be sure you’re living by this summer. As we spend more time outside our skin is exposed to more dirt, oil and grime that can get trapped in our pores and cause skin problems to arise. Exfoliating helps to get a deeper clean on your skin than you can achieve by just cleansing. In addition, exfoliating is essential to getting rid of dead skin cells and overly dry skin on the surface of your skin. Want that glowing skin and legs this summer? You’ve got to exfoliate to achieve that! The mistake many people make is just exfoliating their face, make sure you’re exfoliating your entire body to get an all over glow.

Never Leave Without Applying SPF
Have you heard the news? Experts suggest that the majority of signs of aging and premature aging are a result of sun damage. We hate to be downers, but it’s just pure fact at this point. The good news is there are ways you can prevent that from being your reality. In order to prevent damage to your skin caused by the sun, you can’t leave the house without applying SPF to your skin first. The sun tends to be at its peak in strength during the summer, and we tend to spend more time outdoors in the summer–giving us more chances to obtain sun damage. Knowing that, it’s time to make SPF application a must in your skin care routine for the summer. Use a quality SPF product, and be sure to reapply throughout the day to keep your skin well protected.

Don’t Miss These Areas
Most of us tend to spend a lot of time focusing on our face when it comes to skin care, but the rest of our body is covered in skin too! The areas of the body that tend to be neglected are also the areas that are known to show signs of aging first (makes sense, right?). That being said, make sure you’re NOT missing all the skin on your body. Hands, neck, chest and lips tend to be the most forgotten areas. Be sure you’re applying SPF to these areas really well, exfoliating them, AND adding moisture throughout the day.

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