Smooth Your Skin By Removing Vellus Hair

Smooth Your Skin By Removing Vellus Hair

Do you have vellus hair on your body that just drives you a little bit crazy?  If you’re not sure what vellus hair is, it’s also known as peach fuzz.  It can be in a lot of places throughout your body but most often you’ll notice it on your face and neck, among other areas of the body.  It’s totally normal to have vellus hair on the human body, but some people prefer to NOT have it in certain areas for their own personal reasons.  If you’re someone who’s a bit bothered by vellus hair on your body, we’re sharing how to smooth your skin by removing vellus hair.

Wax it
One of the most common ways of removing hair from  the body in general is waxing, it’s easy to schedule a wax appointment at a local spa to remove hair from anywhere on your body (literally).  And yes, you can even get vellus hair waxed off.  One of the downsides of waxing is it can cause irritation, so if you’re considering this route to smooth your skin make sure you go to a waxing professional that upholds strict sanitary conditions and truly works with your skin for the waxing process.  There are different types of wax available now, so feel free to ask for one for sensitive skins if you tend to get reactions from wax.

This has quickly grown to become a commonly used form of removing vellus hair.  Essentially what deplaning is done by a professional (typically a dermatologist or an esthetician) using a scalpel that’s similar to a razor.  It’s often used to remove the vellus hair from the face (or other parts of the body) as well as create a very smooth skin surface.  Since it’s a very fine, sharp razor like tool those practicing this technique are able to get very close to the skin to remove the hair.  Since this is a treatment that is done with a sharp tool like a scalpel, it’s SUPER important that you see someone who has been formally trained and will be extremely cautious.  Many experts are now saying they prefer the deplaning method to waxing because it doesn’t cause any irritation as waxing sometimes does for people.  Deplaning is similar to waxing in that it’s not a permanent fix, but rather something that you have to have done on a fairly regular basis to keep up with the results you want.

Some people have tried laser treatments for removing vellus hair, but because vellus hair is fine and typically light in color it’s not the best option for laser (which works better on darker hair color).  The good news is neither of the suggested techniques for removing vellus hair is permanent, so you’re able to have them done once to see how you like the results but you don’t have to continue if you choose not to.  Many people have found both options leave their skin with a smooth surface, though!

Have you tried a technique to smooth your skin by removing vellus hair?

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