Soothing Summer Skin Irritations

Even though the days are beginning to get shorter and fall is on its way, we still have a few weeks of summer left to enjoy. Summer is such a fun season to enjoy, but it does come with its own set of skin struggles. There are quite a few elements that can cause irritation in our skin this time of year, from a number of different things. We want to help you enjoy the rest of what summer has to offer so we thought it was the perfect time to chat about soothing summer skin irritations.

Likely the most common skin irritation…sunburn. It’s a skin irritation that most of us do our best to avoid dealing with, but sometimes even when you try your best to keep your skin protected the sun can burn your skin. Of course, we don’t need to tell you how uncomfortable sunburn can be when it’s causing irritation on your skin. One of our favorite ways to help soothing sunburn is to apply aloe vera to the area that’s been burned. Aloe is one of the best, and most natural ways to of soothing sunburn. It helps to add a great dose of hydration to the sunburned area of skin which is essential because when your skin has become burned a lot of the hydration has been sucked out of the skin. Adding the aloe helps to cool the skin down as well, you probably notice your skin feels quite hot after getting a burn. Finally, aloe helps reduce any inflammation in the skin from the burn. All attributes are incredibly beneficial when you’re trying to soothe a burn, plus aloe is incredibly accessible now because so many people have found the benefits of it.

Dry, Tight Skin
This time of year, it’s common to experience skin that feels rather dry and tight. If you’ve noticed that your skin feels uncomfortably tight or drier than normal it’s because it’s lacking the necessary moisture it needs. The downside about the warm weather months is the sun and hotter temps tend to suck a lot of the necessary moisture right out of your skin, leaving behind skin that’s dry and tight. The best way to help soothe this skin irritation is to add more moisture into the skin. Of course, applying a quality moisturizing product to your skin is going to be the easiest way to add that moisture back into your skin. Remember though, it’s not enough to just apply moisturizer once and be done. Keeping up with applying moisturizer to your skin is going to truly help give you that soothing effect.

Some people experience an increase in breakouts this time of year and it’s often because our skin tends to produce more oil. More oil is often produced during the summer months because there’s more moisture in the air, and we sweat more this time of year. While we can’t prevent those elements, using a cleanser that’s oil free is a great way to soothe this irritation.

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