Sugar’s Contribution To Skin Aging

Sugar’s Contribution To Skin Aging

If you haven’t already noticed, there’s a lot of buzz these days around what we eat and our skin.  That’s right, experts are now saying what we eat is LITERALLY effecting our skin…and not just that old saying about greasy foods causing acne (although that has been shown to be accurate), it’s actually even more than that.  Sugar is increasingly becoming a major culprit and proving to wreak havoc on our skin in more than one way.  Yes, even the natural kinds of sugars have shown that they’re not our skin’s BFF.  However, we’re going to be talking about sugar’s contribution to skin aging – because well…we don’t want to age.

Sugar Is Not Collagen’s Friend
Ok, so you know by now that collagen plays a major role in keeping our skin looking youthful and wrinkle free.  This is also why so many anti-aging skin care products have been developed to increase collagen product and promote it to occur in our skin as we age, since the collagen product naturally starts to decrease as we want to focus on promoting collagen as much as we can.  This is where the sugar comes in…experts have discovered that when we consume too much sugar in our diets actually causes glycation to occur in the body.  You’re probably wondering what glycation has to do with your skin aging.  Basically, sugar attaches itself to the proteins in your body and when this happens the sugar actually causes the proteins to lose their strength.  In turn, your skin begins to appear with more wrinkles and lines.  Crazy –right?!

It Alters The Collagen That You Have
Aside from the fact that sugar has the tendency of damaging the collagen that you have in your body, it’s also been found to actually change the collagen in your body.  Ok, so basically there are three types of collagen in the body – they’re essentially ranked based on their strength and how long they last.  When we eat too much sugar, the sugar can actually turn a strong type of collagen into a much less strong type.  When the type of collagen we have in our body changes our skin begins to change in appearance and texture – i.e. looking older, quicker.

It’s pretty safe to say, sugar does a number on our skin especially in regards to aging.  The good news is many experts suggest that you can make adjustments no matter how damaged your skin may be from sugar.  The first step is, obviously, cutting back on sugar.  Because of the fact that sugar is something that’s hidden in more food than many of us actually realize, becoming aware of how and where sugar is and in what foods is going to be a massive triumph if you want to get serious about cutting back on sugar.

It’s incredibly interesting to see the effects what we eat can have on our skin, especially when it comes to aging.  We don’t often think of what we eat and how it can impact us long-term, skin wise.

What do you think of sugar’s contribution to skin aging?  Have you cut back?  Will you?

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