Sun Allergy Is A Real Condition

Published: August 11, 2017

We’re all quite familiar with the idea of food allergies and even allergies to things like pollen. Allergies in general have definitely become more common. While those common allergies are all legitamite and should be treated accordingly, now that we find ourselves in the midst of the summer we felt we should talk about a less discussed allergy. That allergy is to the sun. For starters, yes sun allergy is a real condition. Everyone is familiar with sun burns from the sun, but that’s quite different than experiencing an allergy to the sun. Let’s get into some of the details…

Developing a Rash
Spending time in the sun, for some, can result in their skin looking like they’ve developed a rash. This is a similar looking rash that someone would experience after being exposed to something else they may be allergic to. If it’s noticed that this rash appears every time their skin is exposed to the sun, it’s a pretty strong indication that they’re experiencing a sun allergy. This is the most common type of sun allergy people experience, but the good news is it’s been found that as the individual is exposed to the sun (say throughout the summer season) their side effects become less and they may end up not experiencing the rash at all after a while.

Experiencing Hives
A bit more frightening sun allergy experience can be when someone ends up with hives on their skin’s surface after being in the sun for just a few minutes. This type of sun allergy is commonly referred to as solar urticaria. Generally speaking this type of sun allergy doesn’t hang out on the skin when the individual is no longer in the sun. In other words, it’s been found that those that deal with solar urticaria will experience hives on their skin very quickly when they’re in the sun but the hives disappear incredibly quickly from their skin once they remove themselves from sun exposure.

Increased Sensitivity
There are a lot of medications that are known to make the skin much more sensitive to the sun than it may normally be. If someone is on any specific medications and experience a sunburn or rash that’s quite sensitive it’s a sign that they’re dealing with an allergy to the sun that’s been induced by their medication. This type of sun allergy is drug induced, which is why it’s so essential to read the directions and any information about the medications that you take before heading out into the sun. All in all, experiencing an allergy to the sun is definitely a very real situation. Whether you’ve experienced any of these types of allergy symptoms or not, it shows us yet again just how harsh the sun can be on our skin. We always stress the importance of providing quality sun protection to your skin, that holds true if you experience allergies to the sun or not.

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