Surviving the Holiday Office Party

Published: November 21, 2014

Holiday office parties usually go one of two ways – either they end up being a great time for all, or they are dreaded for some reason or another. It can be a stressful time for some who don’t get along with their co-workers. Sometimes, you just need to bite the bullet and attend to make an appearance.

Lionesse has a few tips to make sure you make it to the party, and make it out alive. Who knows, you might even have a good time!

Image of pretty female looking at holiday dresses while choosing a right one

Dress to Impress

Be mindful of the outfit you choose to wear to a company Holiday party. You might think that dress you wear out clubbing on Friday nights is appropriate, but chances are, it’s just not. Wear something classy and form fitting, which flatters you figure, but also take into account the setting and location of where okay. Try to get an idea of what others are wearing, and base your decision off of that. Stick to reds or blacks, as they are classic holiday colors and look elegant. Take a little time on your hair and makeup, so those holiday photos will shine.


Mix and Mingle

Holiday office parties are a good place to network with others. You may have the opportunity to meet others which may have been invited, which could eventually land you future opportunities. Take advantage of that. Avoid those you don’t quite get along with, but remain cordial. There is nothing to be gained by getting into a screaming match because someone from the office stole your sandwich from the refrigerator. Do the best you can to enjoy the conversation with various people.

Below view of people clinking glasses with each other at a holiday office party

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

We all know there is typically alcohol served at holiday office parties. With that being said, drink responsibly. We don’t want you to end up doing or saying something you might regret whilst drinking the night away. Also – if you’ve had anything over the legal limit, please remember to call a cab, a friend, or someone you can trust. Never drive drunk – we know you know this, but we felt it should be said!


Bring a Gift for the Boss

It might look a little brown-nosey, we agree, but scoring brownie points with your boss is attainable through means of a small gift. Think of something they love, and go off of that. If all else fails, a nice pen is always a useful gift that will get lots of use, and be appreciated.

Holiday food gift basket

Offer to Bring a Food Item

No matter what it is, offer to bring something to the table. If your party is being held at a location where food is to be catered or served, scratch this one. However; if it is the sole responsibility of the company employees to provide a little, offer to bring something you’re good at making, or pick something up along the way.


Have a Great Time

It’s really not difficult to attend a party and have a good time. If you’re somewhat introverted, it can be difficult to loosen up. Just think of the party as one day where you get to let loose (a little loose, not too loose!) and have fun. You might end up enjoying yourself. By being responsible, being social, and helping where needed, you will make it to and from the Holiday office party in one piece – and have great memories to talk about the next day.

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