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You’ll Never Outgrow Acne

Acne is often associated with our teenage years, as you’re going through middle school and high school we’re all faced with acne head..

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Dangers of Indoor Tanning

We all want that gorgeous, natural glowy tan but can’t always get it from sitting outside in the sun.  Which is why we naturally think..

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Sun Protection Basics

The weather is heating up and the sun is getting more and more intense.  Which means it’s time for us to step up our sun protection..

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The Perfect Red Lip

There’s something so classic yet modern about a red lip.  Red lips are timeless but always feel current, which is probably why women are..

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Exfoliating with Diamond Dust

Diamonds, we love to wear them.  But have you thought about using them in your skin care?  The beauty industry keeps us guessing but the..

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At-Home Skin Care Devices

In our world today, there are countless at-home skin care devices hitting store shelves.  Thanks to technology we’re now able to get skin..

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