Take Your Meditation To The Next Level

Published: May 31, 2017

Stress is something that impacts all of us. While stress affects us all in different ways, on different levels, it’s undeniable that stress plays a part in our daily lives. Meditation has long been a practice known to help combat stress. Meditating certainly isn’t new, but because stress levels continue to rise and become ‘the norm’ in our society it’s something that’s being looked at more seriously by so many people. If you’re not currently meditating on a regular basis, it’s definitely something to consider and has been found to be incredibly powerful. If you’re ready to reduce some of the stress in your life, these are some tips to help you take your meditation to the next level to help you accomplish that.

Make it a Routine
Much like anything else in our lives, one of the best ways to take your meditation practice to the next level is to make it a routine. Meditation is best when it’s something you make a habit of. Make a commitment to yourself, if you haven’t already, to meditate on a regular basis. Being consistent with your meditation practice can help you to really train yourself and your brain to get into that meditative state of mind easier and quicker, allowing you to reap the benefits much better.

Honor Yourself
There’s a lot of stigma around meditation, and the feeling that it requires a lot of time in your day. Truthfully, the best meditation practices are the ones that you honor yourself. Meditating doesn’t have to take any longer than you want it to take. Regular meditation practice is much more important than spending hours a day doing it. Feel into your meditation practice and take the time you feel you need, don’t force yourself to spend longer than you feel you need or can handle at a time.

meditation at home

Create a Safe Place
So much of meditating is really getting into that present, zen-like space. One of the best ways to really accomplish that is to create a space that feels safe and still to practice your meditation. If you don’t already have a space, figure out where in your home/office/life feels the most comforting to you. Add little touches to the space like lighting, essential oils, crystals, whatever will create a space that feels inviting, safe and brings you joy when you go to. This will help you have a much more enjoyable meditation experience.

Try Different Meditation Techniques
There are so many different ways you can meditate, and incorporate it into your daily routine. Experts in this topic suggest trying new techniques and practices. If meditating feels redundant and you’re not feeling better after, that’s a clear sign to try something different in your routine. Change things up a bit and find what feels best to you. What works for one person, may not necessarily feel right to you. But the only way to really find the practices that help you is to try different things.

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