The Best Home Remedies for Sunburns

Published: May 22, 2017

Sunburns can creep up on you during the summer months, even when you make a valiant effort to protect your skin from the sun. Since the summertime is filled with days of sunshine and warm weather, most of us tend to spend a lot more time outdoors enjoying it. We’re not here to give you a rundown on preventing sunburn (at least for now), but we are here to give you some tips on helping to heal any burns you may acquire during the summer months. Might as well be prepared, right? Fortunately, the best home remedies for sunburns are a lot easier to whip up than you may think!

Take a Baking Soda Bath
If you find yourself with a sunburn, craving some relief a baking soda bath has been found to be an easy and beneficial home remedy to achieve that. Everyone (for the most part) has baking soda in their home, making this an easy home remedy to try out for yourself. Baking soda has been found to be really soothing to skin that’s been burned, and is said to be an antiseptic ingredient helping to give relief to any itching you’re experiencing from the burn. All you need to do is fill your bathtub with water (the cooler in temperature the better) and add in about a cup of baking soda. Sit in the mixture for about 20 minutes and pat skin dry when you’re done. It’s suggested to do this for a couple of days, until you begin to notice the burn is healed.

aloe vera

Aloe Vera
Aloe has long been known as a powerful, natural ingredient that can do wonders for the skin. That same idea applies to sunburns because as it turns out aloe vera is one of the best home remedies for treating and soothing sunburns. Aloe vera has a powerful ability to soothe irritated skin, create a cooling effect, and help to minimize inflammation in the skin. So basically, aloe helps to give relief to all the struggles that come with sunburns. It doesn’t get much easier to obtain the benefits from aloe for sunburns, either. All you need to do is apply the gel (either from a plant or specific aloe vera gel product) to the burned area of your skin and allow it sit until it’s absorbed into the skin. To get an even better cooling/soothing effect allow the gel/plant to sit in the fridge for a period of time to get chilled.

Take an Oatmeal Bath
Baths tend to be incredibly beneficial when treating sunburns because you’re able to submerge your skin in the ingredients. We mentioned the baking soda bath, but there’s another bath formula that’s been found to be incredibly helpful to sunburns as well. Oatmeal baths have been said to give sunburned skin powerful soothing benefits, helping to reduce irritation in the skin and add a healthy dose of moisture. Similar to the baking soda bath, fill your bathtub with cool water and simply add a cup of oatmeal to the water. Be sure to mix the water and oatmeal well before getting in. It’s also suggested to take an oatmeal bath once a day until your burn(s) are healed.

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