The Hair-Skin Health Connection

Published: November 4, 2016

Lately, there’s been a lot more chatter around the health of our bodies and how it relates to our skin and hair.  A lot more research and time has been spent from experts looking more in depth at how these things all relate.  They’ve truly found that our health, and the health of our hair and skin relate and connect in more ways than many of us realize.  The thing is, many experts have discovered the hair-skin health connection to be incredibly connected.  Both areas of our bodies require many similar things in order to maintain and support their health, showing us that they’re connected in a strong way.

Overall Health Indicators
Ok, so we know that our skin and hair’s health are connected… but did you also realize or know that when these areas of our bodies are healthy it’s been found to be an indicator of our overall body’s health?  Well, it is!  Many researchers and doctors have found that when we have skin and/or hair health struggles, it’s often a sign that something else internally is going on in our body and health.  On the flip side, when we have healthy skin and hair, it’s a pretty good indicator that we’re in a good healthy state overall.  Fascinating, right?

They’re Impacted By Similar Factors
Another interesting connection between our hair and skin health is that they’re both influenced by similar factors.  Experts have found that what we eat (either good or bad) has a major impact on our skin’s health as well as our hair’s health.  In addition, stress and lack of sleep have also been found to either positively or negatively affect the health of our skin and hair.  The fact that both of these areas are positively and/or negatively impacted by the same factors, is a major indicator to us that they’re massively connected in health relation.  You may have noticed a lot of supplements that are geared toward bettering your skin are also said to help strengthen your hair and its health.  In addition, both our skin and hair’s health state depend on us being healthy on the inside.

While these are major connections around the health between our hair and skin, it’s important to know and understand that our hair and skin’s health aren’t just about looking nice.  Like mentioned above, if your skin and/or hair isn’t healthy, it could be a sign that something else is going on in your body.  If you find that you’re struggling to maintain or even achieve healthy skin and hair, it’s important to seek professional assistance.  While we often want to believe that our skin and hair and more cosmetic, they’re definitely much more than that and while having healthy hair and skin care routines is important, it can’t change or better your internal health if something deeper is going on.  Being aware that they can be indicators of something more serious happening, keep that in mind if you are or begin to experience health struggles in these areas.

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