The Pitfalls of Snoozing Made Up

Published: October 26, 2016

We definitely understand that after a long day, or a night out it can feel like torture to take the steps to take your makeup off when all you REALLY want to do is get to sleep.  We’ve all been in that situation, and we may have even skipped that whole taking our makeup off thing a time or two (or more) because it just felt like such an inconvenience.  But the thing is, the experts aren’t just telling us to take our makeup off for their own personal reasons…there are actually legit reasons we need to be taking our makeup off at night which is why we’re talking about the pitfalls of snoozing made up.

You’ll Dry Your Skin Out
Odds are that by now you realize having dry skin isn’t good health wise or appearance wise for your skin.  Hence why moisturizing is so important (and our theme last week!).  When you first apply your makeup, chances are that it feels refreshing and even moisturizing (hopefully!), but as the day goes on makeup has a tendency of drawing moisture out of our skin as we wear it for an extended period of time.  This is because the makeup acts as a barrier for our skin, so removing our makeup gives our skin a chance to take a breath of sorts and get moisture back into your skin by cleansing and moisturizing after you’ve taken your makeup off at night.  When we skip taking our makeup off, we continue to suffer from dryness that can lead to extreme dryness when done too often.

You’ll Increase Breakouts
Our skin is exposed to a lot of environmental factors throughout the day, that kind of hang on to the makeup.  When we don’t remove our makeup we’re trapping bacteria, pollution and other oil inducing factors that are breeding grounds for acne breakouts.  If you continue to leave your makeup on at night, it blocks your skin cells from being able to heal and repair themselves from all of these factors that cause breakouts.

You’ll Have Larger Looking Pores
You know how those women with seemingly flawless looking skin seem to have NO pores?  Well, experts have actually discovered that when we continue to sleep with our makeup on, it can actually clog pores and overtime result in the pores actually becoming larger because they’re continuously clogged.  Basically, when you leave your makeup on you’re not giving your pores a chance to be clean and refreshed so they adapt to their circumstance and end up looking larger.

Your Skin Will Get Irritated
The thing is, our skin especially on our face can be sensitive – even if you don’t necessarily feel like you have sensitive skin it can result in sensitive outbreaks in other ways.  When you leave your makeup on while sleeping, you’re putting a lot of pressure on your skin, going to sleep with all of the bacteria and oil that you’ve been exposed to throughout the day in addition to your makeup can lead for some major reactions.

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