The Skin-Clearing Benefits Of Aloe

Published: April 26, 2017

The skin care industry is filled with countless options, ingredients and brands that we all have to choose from. As technology and science have advanced, skin care knowledge has along with it. It’s a pretty powerful time to be a consumer with the massive advancements that have been made. However, even with so many advancements aloe continues to be an ingredient that experts stress is powerful and beneficial in pretty incredible ways. The skin clearing benefits of aloe are second to none and continue to impress users, consumer and experts in the industry. Not sure what we mean? We’re sharing how aloe has been found to help clear skin of…ACNE!

Reduces Inflammation
Inflammation has really become a culprit to a lot of skin condition struggles, as experts have found. When fighting acne in the skin, you’re often also fighting a lot of inflammation in the skin. Finding ways to reduce that inflammation in the skin that comes with acne isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but aloe has been found to be a really powerful inflammation reducing ingredient. As it turns out, aloe is full of antioxidants and vitamins that have been found to help reduce inflammation in acne breakouts. In a sense, aloe helps to calm the irritated acne skin down.

Helps with Redness
In addition to inflammation being a big culprit of acne breakouts, there’s always the dreaded redness that comes along with acne. As much as you can use makeup to cover the redness, it’s frustrating to say the very least. Experts have found that aloe has some powerful aspects to it that actually help to reduce a lot of the redness in skin with acne. More specifically, aloe has an enzyme called bradykinase that’s been directly linked to reducing redness caused by acne in the skin.  Bradykinase has also been found to assist with the inflammation reduction as well.

aloe vera

Cleans Out Bacteria
By now, you probably realize that acne is often the result of bacteria build up in the skin. If you didn’t know, then now you know! One of the keys to really helping to fight acne and help heal it is to clean out a lot of the bacteria and keep it from continuing to get trapped in the skin. In addition to the attributes mentioned above, aloe is also an ingredient that’s been found to have antibacterial properties. Aloe contains anthraquinone which is something that’s been found to help eliminate bacteria from the skin and help to keep a breakout from forming.

Assists in the healing process
If you’ve had an acne breakout (who hasn’t, right?) then you know the healing process of a breakout can be just as frustrating as the actual breakout itself. Our skin doesn’t heal overnight on its own, causing the healing process of breakouts to take a few days (sometimes longer) after the initial breakout. Aloe has been found to be an incredibly powerful ingredient to help with the healing process of the skin. Aloe contains hormones called auxin and gibberellin that have been found to really help with the healing process of acne.

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