Thirty Days To Better Skin

Published: June 16, 2017

Want better skin? Most of us can agree upon wanting better skin. Achieving better skin isn’t always the easiest thing to get, either. We can be honest here…most of us want instant gratification, especially when it relates to our skin’s appearance. With so many different treatments, products and techniques available to us it’s easy to feel like we should be able to get the skin care results we want in a very short amount of time, right? Well, that’s not entirely the case. Experts say you need to give yourself thirty days to better skin. Yep, we said thirty. Here are a few things to consider…

Don’t Switch Your Skin Care Too Often
Since many of us are guilty of switching our skin care products often, especially when we don’t see results, we wanted to give you the real info on this. Experts stress the importance of NOT switching your skin care products too often. Why? Well to put it quite simply…your skin isn’t capable of showing results overnight. As it turns out, for our skin to fully heal and have any sort of improvement it can take 28-30 days. Regardless of the skin care products you use, the fact of the matter is your skin needs time to ‘do its thing’ and adapt to the products that are being used before it can truly change in appearance. So if you’re guilty of switching your products in a short amount of time, it’s time to adjust that mindset and give your skin a little more time to work with the products before you jump into anything different.

You Need to Adapt to Serious Consistency
Similar to changing your products often, it’s really difficult to achieve better skin when you’re not consistent with the skin care routine you have. To be frank with you, if you’re not regimented in your routine you’re not going to see the positive changes in your skin that you want. Using an exfoliating product one time in two months isn’t going to give you the true benefits of using an exfoliating product (for example). Experts suggest that if you really want to achieve better skin, you need to be really strict with your skin care routine and be truly consistent with the products you use and the routine you have. Once you’re able to be consistent for an extended period of time, you’re much more likely to see the results you were hoping for.

So what does all of this tell us? Well, for starters we all could probably work on our patience when it comes to our skin and getting better skin. As much as we’d all love for it to be an overnight process it’s just not that way. Our skin needs to be given consistency and time in order to heal and ‘do its thing’ to give us the results we’re looking for. So the next time you feel frustrated with your skin because you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for as quickly as you wanted…remember this!

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