Treating Blemishes Other Than Acne

Published: September 7, 2016

Typically, when we think of blemishes, we automatically think of acne breakouts.  However the thing is, there are blemishes that can pop up on our skin that look just like acne but…they aren’t actually acne blemishes.  Mind blown?  Ours was, too.  It’s important to know the differences because you’ll want to treat different breakouts differently.  Since all skin care blemishes aren’t the same they shouldn’t be treated the same.  We thought it was important to share with you some of the other common blemishes that can arise that aren’t acne so you’re well prepared to know the differences.

Rosacea Blemishes 
While we tend to think of rosacea as more red or pink rash-like spots on the skin, they can also pop up in blemish form.  Rosacea is actually an inflammatory skin problem that tends to pop up when someone is exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, hormonal changes, and even certain foods (typically spicy food, red wine and caffeine are known culprits).  As we said, rosacea can come out in the skin looking like an acne pimple, take a closer look if you notice little bumps on your skin as it could be rosacea!  It’s typically suggested that those dealing with rosacea keep their skincare routine’s simple and gentle.  Using products that aren’t too harsh are key; unlike acne, it’s suggested to avoid products that contain benzoyl peroxide.  Additionally, understanding what may cause the rosacea breakouts to arise is going to be helpful moving forward.  If you find you’re still struggling, talking to a dermatologist or trusted skincare professional will be the next step.

Milia Blemishes 
This is a skin condition that can be genetic or the result of sun damage or the use of products that weren’t agreeing with you.  It’s actually the result of keratin that’s trapped under the skin and ends up as a very small cyst like product.  Unlike acne blemishes trying to pop a milia blemish isn’t going to do anything other than cause scarring.  It’s suggested that you get on a better exfoliation routine if you find you’re prone to these types of blemishes.  Additionally, it is possible to get a professional extraction done where they actually use a needle to get the trapped keratin out of your skin.   This type of blemish is actually fairly commonly seen on newborn babies.

Folliculitis Blemishes
Another blemish that can sometimes look like an acne blemish, folliculitis is actually an irritated hair follicle.  You’ll typically see these appear where there are a lot of hair follicles or where you remove hair often.  It’s suggested that the best way to treat this type of blemish is from an antibiotic given by a dermatologist and avoid anything that can further irritate the hair follicles (i.e. waxing, shaving, etc.)

Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia Blemishes 
This one is a common blemish found in those that tend to be prone to very oily skin.  It’s actually just oil glands that have become very enlarged, they sometimes have a yellow tint to anything that may come out of the blemishes.  If you struggle from these blemishes avoid using any products that are oil based or very heavy in consistency.  Additionally, seeking the help of a professional is going to be key to getting your oil production low and making sure you don’t cause any scarring in your skin.  Chemical peels and laser treatments have been used by many in this situation.

Do any of these blemish types that are NOT acne surprise you?

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