Undercover Skin Saboteurs

Published: November 20, 2015

Both internal and external disrupters of glowing skin are always at work, in their various, insidious ways of robbing the skin of its birthright–healthy coloring, elasticity, fullness and collagen-building ability. Life can get so busy that even when we look at ourselves directly in the mirror–like for applying makeup and styling our hair for the day–we totally miss “seeing’ how our skin actually looks. No–we are more interested in doing the routine bit and getting on to the next stage of readiness for what’s to come. For most regular people, an honest evaluation of the shape of their skin would not only be a little surprising, but doing so would also reveal the state of the lack of time and attention directed at protecting that amazing covering for the human body.

Woman looking into the mirror.

Have You Seen Your Skin Lately?
Perhaps it’s time that everyone took a look at their mirrored reflection, and this time, with the sole intention of assessing their skin’s condition, exactly as it is reflected back to them. If you find yourself among the overwhelming majority of people who come away with a changed perspective regarding the state of your skin’s health, first know that there are many ways in which you can take control here, to get back the quality of skin that you might have imagined you would find from this evaluation–or would like to have. The range of factors that affect the quality of your skin include internal and external elements, as well as even social and self-directed catalysts prompted by lifestyle. Some are inherited and impossible or really difficult to change, however, the majority are within your control.

Know Thy Enemy
Call them what you will–saboteurs, adversaries, enemies, culprits or some other name to indicate their unwelcome presence, but what’s important is finding solutions to put all these “skinemies” in their rightful place, to reclaim your glowing skin. The first course of action is to name the disruptor, with the second being to disarm the disruptor, and the third is to change your game plan to “lock the door,” to prevent future unwanted association with these beasts, one by one–lock by lock. Many courses of action along these lines deliver amazing benefits to other aspects of your health and appearance, and the best part is that by disarming these skinemies, your style of makeup application will become a nice way of drawing attention, rather than one of covering up. In understanding the full scope of deterrents to glowing skin, there are two categories to be challenged, with one being internally responsible skin-quality influencers.

Skin sabotagers

What You’re Doing to Your Skin

  • Everything You Put in–Will Show on Your Skin: This is fairly simple to understand, but in addressing skin health, there are certain specifics to be aware of. Eating enough fresh fruits and fresh veggies is excellent, and the fewer cooked veggies, the better. Saturated, processed fats are horrible, with animal fats ranking among the most damaging. Consumption of these is akin to putting out a “welcome” mat for those nasty free radicals to come play havoc with your health–and your skin. Such fats also interfere with the body’s microcirculation by clogging and thus preventing the tiniest arteries and veins from doing their job of transporting the necessary blood supply – especially to your facial skin. Regular eating, with healthy snacks of foods that aid in supporting the digestive system is valuable, too.
  • Your Internal Hydration Mainstay: should always be water–but many people will opt to enjoy their favorite go-to beverage, while imagining that they can have some water later. Caffeine, in its various forms, is particularly counterproductive here. Sodas, diet drinks, and even fruit juices are all certainly delicious and flavorful, but have no real sustaining value for your skin, and especially as they displace the better choice of water. Water, water, water -lots of it, and all day long. Try at a minimum doubling up on your water consumption in lieu of all other choices, and watch how your skin responds.
  • Excessive Toasting: (Not to be confused with the universal breakfast component, here.) While it is categorically a beverage, alcohol deserves its own special place in the lineup. A glass or two of wine with a meal is not going to negatively affect your skin, but chronic consumption of large or copious amounts of alcohol permanently will give you couperose (google it,) and excessive imbibing is a great way to completely dehydrate your entire body. It’s also another great way to mess up the skin’s production of collagen and elastin.
  • Smoking: In skin talk, it should be called “nicotining,” because while the smoke is not good for skin, it’s the nicotine that is absolute poison for your skin. So, if you or someone you know has switched to E-cigarettes, now believing that their skin will improve, know the deal. Nicotine ramps up your body’s production of scary free radicals. Smokers and vapers do this little thing with their lips to inhale that eventually have to live with a whole bunch of telling mouth wrinkles all around their mouths. And your lungs aren’t the only part of your body that become oxygen deprived from inhaling this poison–virtually every single cell of your being suffers. The next time you crave any kind of cigarette–just think of this easy formula: Nicotine + skin glow= -0 (subzero.)
  • Stress: This dastardly skinemy deserves a spot among both internally and externally provoking culprits. Rapidly becoming the universal default condition of human beings everywhere, stress is always easy to find, and from a number of catalysts. The burgeoning prevalence of such joy-robbing threats come with life today. This being said, the events and situations are the external part. The internal part (your part,) is how you handle stress. Stress can cause you to neglect taking good care of your skin, it can produce a number of ugly, default wrinkles and it can influence the way you feel, which affects all of you, in every way. Developing a healthier “stress-reflex” could be the best gift you could ever give yourself.
  • Sleep Mode: Make sure you get enough sleep, which will empower you to handle stress better, and change up your default sleeping position. The best position to sleep for your skin is on your back.

What the Environment is Doing to Your Skin
There may not be a whole lot you can do about your particular environment, however always “armour up,” every chance you get. Use sunscreen every day, no matter where you’ll be and even on rainy days. Pollution is unavoidable, so your job is to keep your face clean and resolve to never go to bed without first removing makeup. A good oil-free moisturizer is always effective in placing a barricade between your skin and the world at large. And finally, aim for developing friends and associations that are supportive, and help you to feel good about yourself and your life. Sadly, although in the most deceptive ways, chronic exposure to criticism and negativity could actually be the very worst undercover skin saboteur of them all.

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