Vitamin E for Skin Care

Published: July 30, 2015

Vitamins play an integral role in our skin and its behavior, from curing dryness to alleviating other skin conditions which we all struggle with on a daily basis, and more. Vitamin E has been touted as one of the best vitamins you can include in your skin care for many reasons. Today, Lionesse takes a look at this vitamin and how it can help your skin for the better – and what exactly is so special and miraculous about it.

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What is Vitamin E?
Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that allows the body to form new red blood cells, and also helps the body to make use of Vitamin K. It is also an important aspect of widening the blood vessels, and keeps blood from clotting inside of the body, which can be extremely dangerous. Vitamin E also helps to fight against free radicals – which can wreak havoc on our bodies, and our skin. Vitamin E also has many benefits when it comes to the skin, such as healing aspects, and the ability to help new skin cell growth and regeneration. It can prevent against scarring, help to fade scars, and more.

Vitamin E Benefits
Incorporating vitamin E into your multivitamin regimen in capsule form will allow healing of the skin from the inside out. Whether you have a sunburn, skin irritation, scarring, or stretch marks, vitamin e has been shown to be extremely beneficial for all of these and more. Applying a topical vitamin e oil to the skin will allow the oil and vitamin to target specific areas, or you could use it in conjunction with the capsule form of the vitamin for a stronger effect.

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Vitamin E in Skin Care Products
Many high end and drug store priced skin care products incorporate vitamin e into their ingredients list because the benefits are fantastic to the skin. The addition of this ingredient can help boost the benefits of the other ingredients, and work together fabulously. Vitamin E is also known for softening the skin, which is why many women love it.

Vitamin E is found in many moisturizing creams because it does help to retain moisture, and infuse the skin with moisture to dry, parched skin. Many body lotions also contain this ingredient as well because of this reason.

A lot of anti-aging creams and skin care lines incorporate this essential vitamin into their products because the benefit of vitamin e is superb compared to other vitamins capable of producing the same results in the same class.

Vitamin E is not a naturally occurring vitamin within the human body, so that means we need to obtain vitamin e from other sources, such as choosing healthy, vitamin laden foods and in capsule form. Most vitamin e supplements come in a gel cap form, and are very easy to swallow due to their small size. When applied topically, such as in skin care, the vitamin is quickly absorbed into the skin and gets to work on repairing damaged skin, helping new skin cell regeneration, and moisturizing the skin.

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