Walking Routines and Skin Health

Published: June 10, 2016

Japanese women are known for their flawlessly gorgeous skin, leaving much of the rest of the world wondering how they manage to always have gorgeous skin.  In the Japanese culture, they’re more focused on holistic approaches to health and that goes for their skin’s health as well.  While there’s a huge skin care focus in Japan, they don’t solely focus on skin care products and makeup.  Instead, there’s a huge influence on living an overall healthy life and how daily habits have an effect on your skin’s overall health.

In Japanese culture, there’s a big focus on eating right and getting enough daily activity.  There’s a big impact on the importance of walking, getting up and getting your body moving.  There are even more traditional Japanese walking groups that have routines and walking in a synchronized manner.  While in the United States, we tend to drive everywhere or take public transportation in other countries like Japan there’s much more walking involved in their day-to-day lives.

Woman drinking green tea

Japanese skin care is believed to really have an emphasis on the foods eaten.  There’s a lot of green tea, fresh ingredients, and rice that all contain vital nutrients that are great for the skin.  Because the Japanese culture is more about using a holistic approach to their health and skin health, it’s no surprise that they focus on using more natural ingredients and activities like walking.  Exercise, in general, has been found to be a great benefit to skin’s health as it gets your blood flowing and your body moving – helping to stimulate your skin’s cells and wake them up.  Since we’ve known the positive effect exercise has on our skin, it’s only ‘natural’ that the Japanese culture further involves walking as a form of skin health into their daily lives.

Not only is a walking routine looked at as a great form of skin care and helping with your skin’s health, but in Japan taking care of your skin and really taking the time to take care of your skin.  Self-care is important in the Japanese culture, which goes for eating the right foods, getting into a walking routine, having a well-rounded skin care routine in your daily life.  So many of these habits and routines have a lot to do with why the Japanese are so well known for their incredible skin and health, and really idolized by so many throughout the rest of the world.

There are a lot of factors that play into having healthy skin, it’s true when they say you can tell a person’s health by their skin.  Now that you know some of the Japanese skin care secrets to achieving skin health, what do you think?  Will you or have you adapted any of their habits into your daily life and skin care routine?

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