Weirdest Beauty Treatments

Published: May 29, 2015

Sometimes, women will stop at nothing to be beautiful. Searching for the fountain of youth, while still a popular pastime for many women and men alike, is something that’s been put on the back burner, while the beauty world has paved the way to new and innovative beauty treatments. There are some beauty treatments, though, that have proved to be somewhat of a very strange nature. Our question to you is, would you dare indulge in something weird – or downright grotesque – for the love of beauty? Lionesse shows you some of the weirdest beauty treatments below. You be the judge – don’t take our word for it!

Woman getting an injection on her face for anti-agiing.

Umbilicoplasty is the process of having your belly button put through surgery to change whatever facet you don’t like about it – whether it’s the fact that you’re an outie instead of an innie, you have a post-baby looking belly button, or your belly button is too large. This process can take 60-90 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia.

Bird Poop Facials
Yes, you read that right. Imagine having bird poop lovingly brushed across your face for the love of beauty. Sound appealing? Bird poop has been considered by women of Asian nationalities for centuries to be a skin whitener and brightener, and is therefore used for such. In times past, long ago, the waste product from the Nightingale would be applied to the skin as a skin brightener. In today’s world, The Shizuka New York Day Spa is world famous for offering their Geisha facial, bird poop and all.

Facial Slapping
For those seeking some wrinkle relief and anti-aging treatments that actually work, why go in for a Botox injection when you could see TaTa Massage in San Francisco to have your face slapped silly? Apparently, facial slapping has been shown to stimulate circulation, gets rid of wrinkles, shrinks large pores, and provides beautiful tightened skin. At just $350 for a 15 minute session, it seems worth it, no?

This is one of the most insane beauty treatments, or so we think, out there. Hirudotherapy is the act of having leeches attached to the skin for detoxification purposes, in which the hungry leeches literally suck blood from your body until they are satisfied and detach themselves, falling off. A hideous thought, really.

Placenta Therapy for Hair
Placenta therapy has gained quite a great deal of attention in the beauty world over the past few years, and it’s said to be a proven hair growth method, while providing lots of shine and health to the hair. Many women save their placentas after birth, let them dry out, and have them ground into powder form (which sounds absolutely terrifying), and insert the powder into vegetable capsules, ingesting one a day. Now, there’s another way to indulge in your placenta: applying the placenta directly to your hair. You can buy products infused with the stuff, or whip up a batch at home with your own placenta. The thought alone is cringe worthy. Agreed?

Blood Facial
This treatment was made famous by Kim Kardashian, and the whole world watched while she had painful extractions of her own blood injected back into her body, which is said to stimulate the skin and give a more youthful, beautiful appearance. Known as the Vampire Facial, the blood withdrawal then injection is followed by a laser treatment and finally followed up with a micro-needling of the skin, in which many hundreds of tiny needles are rolled over the face, piercing the skin and stimulating skin cell healing and regeneration.

Stiletto Surgery
This surgery is being opted for by women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired in their stilettos. The women who get tired, achy feet, and their favorite pair of heels aren’t quite working out right anymore, are opting for having this surgery to get their toes shortened – and even going as far as having a toe or two removed to make their shoes work. Seriously.

This just goes to show you that some women will stop at absolutely nothing to be beautiful, look their best, and try anything. What’s your take on it all? We’d love to hear from you!

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