What Is The Correct Order to Apply Skin Care?

Published: May 24, 2015

When it comes to skin care, Lionesse knows a thing or two about a thing or two. That’s why today, we are here to provide some insight to the correct order of things. We are talking about the correct order to applying your skin care products, that is. Would you know the correct order of applying a moisturizer, serum, and eye cream? If not, this article is for you. Sometimes, the order of application can make all the difference in the world for your skin.

Woman cleansing her skin.

First and foremost, you will want to apply your cleanser to clean the skin and rid it of all of the dirt, oils, and debris on the skin’s surface. From there, it’s time to tone.

Toner isn’t exactly a necessity but many women opt for using the product because they like the firm, refreshed feeling it gives their skin. Many women also believe that the toner helps their makeup to stay put all day long. Regardless, toner is to be applied following a cleanse while the skin is still moist.

Woman applying a serum on her face.

Serums are to be applied after a toner or after a cleanser, but before your moisturizer. This will give them the maximum chance of being absorbed into the skin.

Gels, much like serums, are also to be applied after your cleanse has been completed. If you aren’t following up with toner, apply your gels now. If you are using toner, use them before your gels. If you are using a serum in conjunction with your gels, you can cocktail them together, or use them separately. Either way, you will want this to be almost fully dried before applying your moisturizing cream.

Woman applying a moisturizer.

Moisturizing cream is an essential step, and one of the most important, in proper skin care. Moisturizer is the last step in facial skin care, and should be applied while the skin is still damp to absorb better, so it’s best to work quickly with your products to ensure everything is evenly absorbed.

Cosmetic Products
Following your moisturizing cream, it’s now time to apply your cosmetics. The general rule of thumb is to wait about 10-20 minutes after applying your moisturizing cream to ensure the product has fully absorbed and dried onto/into the skin, and then apply your makeup. This will give you the smoothest application that will last all day.

Stylist spraying a face setting spray on a woman's face.

Facial Setting Spray
After your cosmetics have been applied, you can then spritz your face with a cosmetic setting spray to keep your makeup in place all day long. You don’t necessarily have to use this, as you can use a translucent powder instead, or even spritz some of your facial toner over your makeup to hold your look in place – or nothing at all, depending upon your preference.

As you can see, the order of application does matter and does make a difference. Lionesse hopes we were able to clarify the order for you to give you a more sound skin care regimen. With proper application and steps taken, the state of your skin’s health and appearance can greatly improve with time.

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