Why Science And Skin Care Go Together

Published: August 14, 2017

Science and skin care…what do they have in common? Well, quite a bit actually! The past decade or so the two industries have really combined forces to create products, treatments and techniques that are beneficial to those that use them. While we don’t often think of science and skin care in the same way, it’s time to start! We thought it was time we share why science and skin care go together so we can all appreciate all that goes into these industries combining forces a bit  more.

The skin care industry has made its mark on the world, between countless different skin care fads and products we’ve all fallen into the marketing behind skin care a time or two in our lives. While there are incredible skin care products available to us, it’s become quite clear that a lot of the focus is around making a profit and marketing.  You may have heard of different skin care fads that have come and gone and after they’re gone, learned that they’re actually quite damaging to our skin. We’re not here to bad mouth the skin care industry, we’re in it after all!

Since science has really made it a point to join forces with the skin care industry, there’s been quite a shift around the products and treatments that have become mainstream. The science world is much more research focused, obviously. Which is incredibly beneficial to the skin care world. Why? When science is able to make discoveries on ingredients or techniques that are beneficial to our skin they’re able to share that with the skin care companies to help create products that correlate with their findings. On the flip side, they’re also do to the same when they discover that something is dangerous or damaging to the skin when being used.

Now that science has been able to use technology to make advancements in research and discoveries, they’ve been able to discover a vast number of ingredients and treatments that are very powerful for our skin. Working together is a win-win for both industries and ultimately helps consumers in a way that wasn’t done in the past. At the end of the day, science is focused on gaining results in a healthy way for consumers. When sharing their information with skin care companies, they’re able to use the information and package + market the products in a  way that consumers will be attracted to them, without risking health or damage to the skin.

In our world today, there are more products, ingredients and techniques available to use than ever before. So thanks to science and skin care working together we’re able to weed out some of the bad seeds to have more information available to us, so that we can work to a place where we can all truly trust the products that we’re using on our skin (the largest organ in our bodies, by the way).

Do you think it’s a good thing that science and skin care are working together?

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