Why Serums are Perfect for Summer

Published: June 5, 2015

During the long, hot summer months, most of us love to spend time outdoors whether it’s day or nighttime. One thing that women are forced to deal with on a daily basis during these hot months is the humidity that comes standard with the season. In some areas and climates, the humidity is worse than others. Nevertheless, if you are forced to deal with humidity and you have long hair, chances are you will also be forced to come up with solutions that work to combat the frizz that is usually left behind. Serums are a great option for that. Below, Lionesse discusses the reasons why serums should be your go-to product of the season, and give you ideas on how to use it properly.

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Types of Serums
There are different types of hair serums capable of producing various effects on the hair. Some of those serums include combatting humidity, fighting frizz, and adding shine. Other serums include providing manageability, detangling the hair, and a smooth, silky feeling. Some serums are infused with vitamins and offer heat protection for styling tools, such as flat irons. Others combine all of these properties into one. All-in-one serums are generally the best way to go to get the maximum benefit of a serum.

What Serums Can Do
Serums can provide a smooth, shiny, silky look and feeling to the hair. They can be used before flat ironing or blow drying your hair, and even after the styling has been accomplished. Serums vary in price, but are usually well worth the investment. The great thing about serums is that it doesn’t require a lot of product to get your desired style, no matter how long your hair is.

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How to Use Serums
Serums are generally applied via a pump dispenser on the bottle, and about a dime sized amount to a quarter sized amount is what is necessary to get the benefits out of the serum. Simply disperse the product onto your fingertips and apply throughout the hair. The serum should be concentrated from the middle of the hair shaft to the ends of the hair, but never to the top of the head or root area as this can weigh the hair down, and also give the hair a greasy look and feel.

Serums for Summer
During the summer months when humidity is at its peak, serums can offer the level of protection you need to ward off humidity and frizz like no other product can. When used in conjunction with a good anti-humidity hair spray, they can help your hair or style look its best. Not only that, but the shine and softness provided through the use of the serums is also perfect for summer, when everything on your body just wants to glow.

Serums are great any time of year, but there’s something special about serums for the summer. If you want a smooth, sleek, shiny and frizz free style, give a serum a try. You might need to experiment with a few to find one you love. Once you do, you won’t know how you ever did without it!

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