Your Confidence Shows On Your Face

Your Confidence Shows On Your Face

Think back to a time when you met or saw someone who appeared extremely confident in themselves.  What was it about them that made you think they’re confident?  There can be SO many different things that contribute to confidence and showing confidence, but it’s always interesting to think back about what made you think someone felt confident in themselves.  We ALL have something to be confident in, within ourselves.  We get it, it can feel discouraging and completely out of reach at times but it’s totally possible.  Many people believe your confidence shows on your face, so we’re taking a little bit of a deeper look at that to help you out!

Many experts believe our body language and how we interact with others can play a huge role in our confidence, and showing our confidence.  Think about it, if you’ve ever met someone who didn’t have a lot of confidence odds are, they may have been avoiding eye contact, not smiling so much, and even hunched over.  We’ve ALL been in that place ourselves a time or two, and that’s OK we’re human.  But when we think about those types of body language aspects and traits that make us up when we’re NOT confident image what happens when we reverse them.

It’s believed that pulling your shoulders back, smiling and making eye contact can not only make you FEEL more confident but it SHOWS more confidence to others.  These may seem like little things, but they can make the world of difference both in our relationship with ourselves as well as others.  Yes, we know it’s so much easier said than actually done, but we’re challenging you to give it a try.  Body experts have said that even just making these switches you’re sending different signals to your body and mind that represent more confidence.  In turn, you’ll likely start to feel more confident.  Think of it like this, when you’re depressed, you naturally want to hide in a room alone and odds are you feel even more depressed.  But when you switch that and push yourself to go out and interact with others you start to slowly feel better.  Get the relationship here?  It’s amazing what our small positive actions can do for our state of mind and overall feelings about ourselves.

Now going back to those people you’ve met that appeared to be confident.  Remember that we’re all human beings, and even if you meet someone who appears to be confident and show confidence in their face they too experience times when they don’t feel so confident.  There are ways like smiling and pulling your shoulders back that can SHOW confidence to others, even if you don’t feel it right away; it’s something that will likely start to take effect as you practice it more often.

Ready to be, show and feel more confident?  We’re right there with you, cheering you on!

Do you think your confidence shows in your face?

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